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How to get there ? It is very simple, from the house take the RN10 direction Urrugne then continue until Behobi, follow the direction Irun, following the Bidassoa. When you arrive in Irun, go around the roundabout at the entrance of the city, then exit at the first exit following the brown sign: Peñas de Aia. Then, for a good quarter of an hour go up, it's always straight! This hike can be between 45 minutes and 6h30 according to desires ... Stop at the second car park and follow the path of the tops along the fence on the left.


At only 3 hours drive, connect your GPS direction Arguedas, follow the N8712 for a little less than a kilometer and at the sign indicating the Natural Park, follow its direction for 6km: the desert as far as the eye can see, you have arrived! Remember to take a map of the Bardenas Reales Information Center before entering the 42 hectares of desert! On foot, by bike, by car or by 4x4 there are a thousand ways to enjoy this magical place still too little known ...



From Hendaye to Bidart, the coastal path offers a magnificent view of the ocean. Two choices: from the house, head south along the bay towards Socoa, take the road to Corniche, the view is to die for! Or alternatively to the north direction Saint Jean-de-Luz, Sainte Barbe, Erromardie, Guéthary then Bidart, you will take roads with the shelter of the cars, in peace and even find some very nice restaurants on your road a good excuse For a drink and savor the view!

Go to the village of Aïnhoa then two solutions are available to you. Either you park in the village and walk up to the chapel to start your tour or you drive up to the chapel directly. A trail goes around the hill following the, you will have a unique panorama on Aïnhoa, Sare, Rhune, Bayonne and the ocean.


Take the corniche direction Hendaye, before arriving in Hendaye you will find the castle of Abbadia on your right. Park at the nearest car park and then join one of the entrances. Stroll through the castle park, along the cliffs and enjoy the beauty of the ocean view. You can then visit the castle if you wish.

Route de la Corniche - Hendaye

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Take the road towards Spain: go to the airport of Hondarribia then follow the faro direction of Higuer, to park in the parking lot along the Faro de Higuer campsite. Mount Jaïzkibel is located in the Basque - Spanish province of Gipuzkoa, dominating the cities of Irun, Hondarribia and Hendaye. It is the departure of the GR11 which is the Spanish equivalent of GR10. The start of the hike is located in the parking lot at Cap du Figuier, where we parked the car, along the large wall of the campsite Faro de Higuer. After climbing the car park at its western end, take the path of the GR121 sign Pasaia, then adapt your walk: there is 20.6 km before Pasaia!


And why not combine hiking and venta? These are the ones we love and others to test! click here

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