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In Sare follow the direction of Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle. At the end of the village, turn right onto the D306 (follow the sign Grottes de Sare).

LA VENTA LORETXOA - 30 minutes on foot

Accessible only on foot, park on the small parking lot 200m above the caves (take the direction of Antton). Then take the arrow trail that climbs to the right.

MENU ON BOOKING 15 €: asparagus, charcuterie, omelette with potatoes + onions, lomo, cheese of sheep + jam, taloa honey / chocolate.

+33 (0)6 13 65 07 95

OPENING DAYS: Easter to 11/11. Always book before going to La Venta, minimum 24 hours in advance: lunch exclusively.

LA VENTA ANTTON - walk 30 minutes

It is on the small road that goes up behind the cave buildings. After a small parking, this road bypasses and overcomes the quarry. Its terrace and its huge tables of pink sandstone, offers a magnificent view on the Rhune and the hills of Sare (superb sunsets). In summer it is always better to book.

MENU 18 €: starter, main course, dessert, coffee, bread and wine OR CARD

00 34 948 59 91 61


- from mid-July to mid-September: every day.

- from 15/09 to 31/10: the weekend.

- Palm Sunday at the 2nd weekend of July: Saturday lunch and dinner / Sunday lunch.

- holidays, public holidays and public holidays: lunch and dinner.


By car, go up to the Ibardin pass. Start descending towards Vera de Bidassoa. Take the first road on the left. The turn is very tight (Venta Okalarre panel).

Walking route: Drive in the direction of Urrugne. After the Trabénéa district, you will find the chapel of Olette on the left side of the road. At the chapel, turn on a small road and leave your car at the end.

1 / follow the wide road that extends the road. It follows the Inzolako brook on its left bank. At the branch line, take the two paths indifferently.

2 / At the ford, leave the main road (do not cross the ford) and head to the right on a small path that goes up the stream.

3 / cross the creek on your left and go up a wide path on the other slope.

4 / The trail leads to a stony track. Follow it to the left.

5 / At the level of a stone wall, leave the main track and take the path that goes up on the left. It passes through an old quarry of sandstone and then arrives at a border marker near a fenced meadow.

6 / Go around this meadow on the left and follow the gravel track that descends on the Spanish side. The two ventas are visible. ELZAURDIA is 500m to the left. To OKALARRE continue 500m to unblock on the road and then turn right.

LA VENTA OKALARRE - Walk 2h30 round trip, 7km.

It is 700m after the turn, on the right.

MENU 25 €: ham + croquettes + mixed salt, meat or fish, cheese or dessert, 1/4 wine OR CARD.

Possible settlement by credit card.

00 34 948 63 16


- from Easter to 11/11: noon.

- SUMMER: evening on reservation.

- AUGUST: every day.


LA VENTA ELZAURDIA - Walk 2h30 round trip, 7km.

After the turn, at the first crossroads, turn left onto a paved track. A sign indicates the ELZAURDIA sale. Its specialty, grilled lamb chops: it is strongly recommended to book in summer.

2 MENUS 12 € or 15,50 €: Mixed salad or ham, omelette or ribs of lamb + fries, sheep cheese or ice cream.

On order Beef ribs (22 €).

Be prepared for payment, Venta does not accept CB or checks.

00 34 948 63 10 39


- SUMMER: every day, noon and evening.

- WINTER: weekend and public holidays, noon only.


LA VENTA INZOLA - Walk 2h30 round trip, 5km.

Just after the Venta Gorria take the first road on the left, it is little visible and the curve is tight (venta ZAHAR 2800m). It descends in laces at the bottom of the valley. At its end a sign will indicate the venta.

Walking route:

Easy with children.

Drive to Urrugne. After the Trabénéa district, you will find the chapel of Olette on the left side of the road. At the chapel, turn on a small road and leave your car at the end.

1 / Follow the wide road that extends the road. It follows Inzolako Creek on its left bank.

2 / At the branch, take the two roads in front of you. They get together at the creek you cross.

3 / You arrive at the venta INZOLA.


The venta does not take CB, there is no network, portable accessible before 10am and after 7pm.


- SUMMER: every noon.

- EXCEPT SEASON: every lunch except on Monday.

- JANUARY FEBRUARY: every weekend.

Venta Elzaurdia
Venta Okalarre
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